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Litch said:
Nancy said:
I think the only one of mine to ever experience my blood was Quillson and his reaction was to bite harder. :shock: :lol:
Prick did that last night only he nibbled a bit to hard. He didn't draw blood thankfully.
In Quillson's eyes, I deserved everything I got. He has foot issues and gets bony growths on his feet. These growths often get irritated and when he runs on his wheel he gets poop into the sores. After having to have a toe and part of a toe amputated because of infection, I started giving him foot baths daily. Quillson hated the foot baths and got worse as time went on. He actively sought out my skin to bite and of course I was always on guard and kept fingers away from his mouth.

One night after his bath I was putting him back in his cage and dropped my guard for one second and he had me right below my thumb. He bit and wiggled his teeth and I held as still as possible but he would not let go. My blood was running out of his mouth and still he held on and wiggled his jaws back and forth. Quillson was an expert at knowing how to make it hurt the most. I swear he sharpened his teeth nightly. :lol: Finally, I had to take him back to the sink and dunk him to get him to let me go.

After that night I had a chat with him and told him we had to find a solution. The solution ended up being putting him on shavings. For some reason, the the bony growths on his feet do not get irritated when he walks on shavings. The nightly baths have ended and I no longer get bit. I can even give him an occasional bath and my fingers are no longer in danger. :lol:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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