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how did you find out about hedgehogs?

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okay i know this has already been a topic in here, but it was kind of outdated so i decided to 'reinvent it' if you will. well, the name kind of says it all, and i decided to share my story. well about 2 months ago, i was watching animal planet with my dad. there was this show on about a guy who was trying to teach 2 tigers how to survive in the wild. well, about 30 minutes into the show, it shows the tigers on the ground passing this weird sea urchin looking thing back and forth like a little ball. it was almost like they were teasing it :lol: well, the guy picked it up and said something like, 'i shouldnt let them eat this hedgehog, it will have almost no nutritional value and he shouldnt be eaten' and he unrolled in the guys hand and started sniffin around and i said, 'OMG THAT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!' well, the next day i went on line to see some more pics, and came across this website. thats when i found out they were actually a pretty common pet! so i did a whole butt load of research and begged and begged my parents for one. well my birthday was about a month after that, so they thought 'well if this doesnt wear off soon we will consider it.' so that just spurred me on, and i did all this research and just got more and more excited until FINALLY!! A BREEDER IN TEXAS!! so i started emailing her and found out she had a little 3 month old boy for a pretty cheap price ($80) and there was nothing wrong with him. so my parents had no choice but to get me the only thing i asked for for my birthday. and that is how theo came to be my favorite little boy in the world :)
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Two words: This video.

One of my teachers in high school showed us that video just to cheer everyone up after a big exam. I don't know where she found it, but I went home that day and watched a million other hedgehog videos. Then I started researching, found out you could actually have one as a pet, and the rest is history. :D
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