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How can I moisten her food???

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Hi! Pinchita has been eating her food fine, and everything is normal her poop, pee, excersize and so on...
but her food is a bitt hard.
She is eating a mix of Natural Balance green pea and duck and Royal Canin kitten. Most of it like about 3/4 of it is the natural balance and the rest is Royal Canin. Sometimes she worrys me because she runs so much and I keep thinking she is to thin. She is 350 grams which is healthy for her since she is a tiny girl thats why I feed her the kitten food.
Any way the Natural Balence she loves but when I see her eat it she has some trouble. not much, she still chews it fine but she kind of has to bite a few times until she breaks it.
I checked her teeth today while giving her her poopy feet bath and they are all there, well I can only see the front ones and a few others because she won't let me see the rest :roll:
she still finishes all her food by morning.
Does any one have any suggestions on how to moisten her food just a lil' bit. I try to cut it but it is pretty hard and I am trying to find a better way to help her eat better.
Thank-u ! :)
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ok I will try with the scissors tonight see if thats easier if not I'll moisten it with a bit of water see if that will do
Thankyou! for all the ideas, all very useful :D
yah it does take a little bit. thats why I was trying to find an easier way but I find that using a metal fork and pressing down cracks it right half and is pretty easy. So I'm okay with doing it everyday :)
Oh, WOW!!! I think I'm gonna have to steal your crushing with a hammer method Immortalia :lol:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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