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How can I moisten her food???

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Hi! Pinchita has been eating her food fine, and everything is normal her poop, pee, excersize and so on...
but her food is a bitt hard.
She is eating a mix of Natural Balance green pea and duck and Royal Canin kitten. Most of it like about 3/4 of it is the natural balance and the rest is Royal Canin. Sometimes she worrys me because she runs so much and I keep thinking she is to thin. She is 350 grams which is healthy for her since she is a tiny girl thats why I feed her the kitten food.
Any way the Natural Balence she loves but when I see her eat it she has some trouble. not much, she still chews it fine but she kind of has to bite a few times until she breaks it.
I checked her teeth today while giving her her poopy feet bath and they are all there, well I can only see the front ones and a few others because she won't let me see the rest :roll:
she still finishes all her food by morning.
Does any one have any suggestions on how to moisten her food just a lil' bit. I try to cut it but it is pretty hard and I am trying to find a better way to help her eat better.
Thank-u ! :)
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You could probably use chicken broth. I would offer her a bowl of her usual food and a bowl of the food soaked in broth to see which one she prefers. If for some reason she doesn't like the broth you could always cut the Natural Balance in half with a pair of cheap scissors.
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