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Housing questions

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I am new to the forum and have been reading up on hedgehogs. I plan on getting one sometime this month. I just have a couple of questions about his housing.

I am making him a C&C home. First off, do I need a top on it or would he be ok without it? And second how far up the sides of the cage should I make the coroplast?

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You'll want to make sure that there is a top on the cage and that the sides come up 8-10 inches :)
So you mean the Coroplast should come up the side 8-10 inches?

And what type of top do people usually use on C&C cages? He will be in a room where the dogs are not allowed. I don't really want it to be super heavy and I want to be able to open it fairly easily. It seems like in some of the pictures I looked through in the cage suggestions thread they didn't have tops. Was that just for picture taking purposes?

I think most people just take the tops off so you can see the inside better for the pics.

Using the wire cubes works for the top as well, you could also try finding wire closet shelving and making something out of that.
I did half of my top with the C&C cubes (this is where the heat emitter sits, as it is stable and permanent). The other half of my top is a wire closet shelve like LG said. It is attached with zip ties and opens and closes easily.

Here's some pics, Mine are the pink and blue themed cages (2nd and 3rd post on the page):

Thanks for the help! :D

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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