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(Wasn't sure if I should put this here. =o)
Holmes® HCH4062B-UM Small Ceramic Heater w/ Manual Controls
http://www.holmesproducts.com/Product.a ... DsHB5rzQ==
I purchased this a couple of days ago. Today I tried it and I'm loving it. It was only $10 at Target and it does a perfect job for the price
My room is only 8x10 so probably better for a small office area. It has an adjustable thermostat. (That I'm not sure how to use quite yet. But right now I just keep it on the hottest at the 1000 watts (you can choose between 1000-1500)
My room was about 69(floor temp) and 73 74ish chest high temp. After being on about 10mins it brought the temp up 2-3.5 degrees in both places. It feels toasty in here.
I'm not sure if I'll let it run through the night. I'm uncomfortable doing it in general even though it has the safety shut off.

If you want something for a cold room like a basement this may not do the job. But for a small area like an office or similar sized area it does well as an extra source of heat. Though I'm still using a CHE with it. But maybe would be best for cuddle time when the room is slightly colder then the cage or you just can't seem to get the temp just right.
Hope this helps. =o Sorry if it's unclear. It's 3am. If anything needs clarifying feel free to PM me or something. o.o
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