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hog, you're going to kill yourself...

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Satin, my little snugglebug, why do you do this? We discussed this already. You are NOT supposed to snuggle with the probe to your thermostat. Remember? I know it only brought your house down to 70 degrees this time, but you were a huffy quill ball when I saw what you did, so clearly you weren’t happy with that temperature.

I thought I had you outsmarted by hanging the probe at the side of the cage. And then making sure it was partway up the wall after your first episode. But then you piled up your blankies and smushed your bundled self against it.

Sweetie-pie, I need you to do something for me… for you actually… You need to snuggle up to housemouse, or in your igloo, or under your blankies, or near your litter box, or really anywhere except for that probe. Trust me, you’ll be a happier hedgie in the long-run.

Love always,
Your Hedgiemommy
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Plastic water bottle... that is a good idea... I'll have to do some tinkering because, clearly, discussions with her about snuggling with the probe have worked just about as well as: "hey, it's your poop; you need to clean it up." :roll:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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