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Basically my hedgehog was hissing at himself while he was pooping? He was in a corner not close to me, there are guinea pigs in the room who were making noise but he rarely gets upset with them and only does when they wake him from being asleep.

Some background information about him, he is a male and only about 1 year old, had him for 8 months now, he's quilling, and we are still bonding (daily play and exploring, he's just a stubborn one). At the moment he's having constipation problems and has been throwing a multiple day fit because he does not like pumpkin.

(Don't worry, his constipation problems are manageable and the source recognized, he only likes Freeze dried bugs as treats. We will be trying some new treats soon that aren't freeze dried.)

I did check his poop afterwards, there were just a few small, separated droplets and they were dark in color, no green even when squished. He also peed his normal amount and ejaculated in the area which is normal for him.

Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm slightly concerned simply because I have not found anything on it, although I doubt it is a problem as it could just be him being extra grumpy tonight.
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