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Holly is 3 years old. Super cuddly and loving.
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Are you allergic to fur, or the dander?

If its the fur you will likely be fine.
They do shed but its so small you wont notice, just like you don't notice yourself shed, and its very unlikely to set allergies off, or will only give you a mild reaction, depends how allergic you are.

If it is dander then you need to be extra careful on keeping the skin from being dry if the skin gets to dry then there is a lot of dander, which will set off your allergies as a result.
I found brushing my girl 3-4 times a week with a soft dry toothbrush helped with keeping the skin looking good and not dry.
Barely bathing will help stop it getting dry.
Fresh cooked salmon or high qaulity salmon oil on food, once week also helped greatly.

Also he is absolutely adorable!
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