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I'm brand new around here (actually I've been perusing the forum for the past couple weeks but decided to finally join the conversation yesterday) and I'm a brand new hedgie owner as well!
I got little Munch a little over two weeks ago and she seems to be settling right in! She's only about 11 weeks old now and so she's eating, sleeping, and pooping like crazy, but we still get some playtime every now and then! I'm absolutely in love with her though, even if she poops all over me. She's a little liner diver and I'm figuring out how to fix her cage so that she doesn't have to burrow under the liner but she loves her mealworms and hard boiled eggs and although she's shy she warms up to new people very fast. I'm hoping she'll get used to me and cuddle with me more often as she gets older, but for now I'm happy with her quirky personality. :)

Here are some pictures!

Here she's being a derp at bathtime...

Sleepy little Munchkin..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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