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Hi! I'm new to hedgies. :)

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We just got our first hedgie on July 25 from Dani(LOL Hedgies) and he is SOOOO sweet! We're totally in love with him! :mrgreen:

He's a beautiful little cinnacot boy that we've named Neeko. :D

Here's a couple pics I've taken so far:

The day after we got him

"Is it safe to come out?"

Such a beautiful boy!

And here are some I took the other day

Poopy feet bath

Drying his tootsies

Sweet little boy(he was a wee upset cause I'd just had to dump him out of his wheel so I could clean it, lol)

I have him in a temporary set-up until I can either get a cage from my friend(she said she has a big one I can have) or I build him a better one. Here are some pics of his current set-up(it's got toys now and a PVC ramp instead of the one in the pic):

He's got a food mix of 50% Friskie's Indoor, 25% Royal canin Indoor Intese Hariball 34, and, temporarily(since he's still growing and, I assume, needs a little extra protein), Purina Kitten Chow, which will be changed to CSKLS(Senior) once he's a little older. He gets treats of mealies, darkling beetles(the mealie beetles), and superworms. He also gets some veggies every once in a while when I let him snack of the veggies from my sugar gliders' dinners, lol.

Hopefully I'm doing everything right. If not, please let me know!

I'll be saving up for the CCS wheel as well. ;) Hopefully I can get it some time in this millennium. :lol:

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask...do you guys have any tips on litterbox training?
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Awwww, you have very cute hedgie!

Right now, my boy is on a variety of Wellness Healthy Weight, Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck, and Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken.

My reasoning to chose these 3, is because all their main ingredient is different, so that gives me chicken, duck, and lamb, which to me is a nice variety of different foods. If I ever do plan to add in another food(yay for owning a cat too, who will share in the food lol) I'd probably try something fish based, though would keep that at a minimal. But for right now, I like my current mix.

Of course, my guy also gets mealies, cooked meats(chicken, seafood), and some fruits. He's more enticed by the natural sweetness of fruits, so he'd rather eat that than veggies. So I also add GrapeNuts cereal to his kibble, but I'll be switching to infant rice cereal when he's done with that, as he doesn't like to eat the grapenuts
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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