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Hi guys!!!

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Hey so I just wanted to intrudece myself, Im addie, and I have a 7 week old hedgehog named tiny. I used to have a hedgehog named hufflepuff, But he died a week after his 7th b day. (Also I suck at spelling, Sry for that.)
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Hi and welcome!
Hey guys just a question my hedgehog just ate nerds like the candy! HELP
Also she is losing tiny little quills is this normal?
And she has yellow stuff on her quills help! I love tiny and I can't let her get sick...
Hey guys just a question my hedgehog just ate nerds like the candy! HELP
For this one I would get her to a vet as soon as possible to get them to do checks.

Hedgehogs go through quilling which they lose the thin fine quills and they come back stronger and thicker, this happens anywhere from 12 weeks to a year old (so I was told when learning). Its really uncomfortable for them but it normal.
They will then loose the odd few quills throughout their life.
Mites will cause them to loose large amounts of quills too, but there's generally other signs like red dots, some loose fur, and they itch a whole lot, also mites tend to chew off the bulb (little ball at the bottom of the quill) which is a good thing to check, although they don't always.
From what you described it sounds like she is quilling so you have nothing to worry about!!

Yellow stuff on her quills is likely to be that she's anointed with something yellow, if you have a pictures of it then it will be easier to know.
If she has just anointed its nothing to worry about, and you just need to wash it out.
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OK thats a relive she is still 4 months old.
ok I just figured out that the yellow stuff was the paint chipping off of her wheel ill get her a new one.
How do I post a new Forum? Also my hedgehog just discovered my chicks and is chasing them around. Is this normal. Also I woke her up and she is so hyper like running around everywhere!
I'm not sure if chasing chicks is normal because I don't own chicks.
To make a new thread if you go under the topic you want on web page it will say something like "new thread" or along those lines and on the mobile version you'll just see a + sign at the top.
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