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Hi All!!!! Im a big ole newbie and so excited

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I feel like a kid here .I am so excited i have a baby boy coming probably after Thanks giving.he is stil a little bitty baby so I am just waiting and its killing me but it gives me time.I have already spent a few hours serching around this site and I plan on getting the whole thing in my head before I get Ike.Thats the name i picked its not a solid decision yet though.Any way ..I plan on using a clear plastic tub lined with fleece and i am putting a small litter box in there to start potty training.I have yet to look over the heating part of this forum but are UTHs ok???i will have a wheel and some toys and already started collecting tolit paper rolls.I have a bowl for food.And one for water.i read everywhere that just cat food is the best..is there a certin cat food that yall like more than others?i have a ton of reptiles so i always have an abundint supply crickets i also breed roaches..are those ok???(Sorry if im creeping out any non reptile people about the roaches)Anyway any advice or critizisams are very welcome

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I am not sure what UTHs are, but the rest of what you described sounds great! There is a freat list of cat foods pinned under the Diet and Nutrition section. Nearly any insects you feed your herps will be fine for a hedgie, though some are fattier than others. My boy likes mealies, crickets, rissing roaches, waxworms, etc.

Welcome to HHC! :D
Sounds like you've done a very good job at researching your new little hedgie.

I believe LizardGirl answered your question, so I'll just welcome you to HHC!
HHC is a great place for information and a fun place to hang out and chat. ;)

If UTH means "under-tank heater," then you wouldn't use that with a plastic bin, no. You just need a space heater, or else you can crank up your thermostat.

Congratulations on your little guy! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with him. :)
UTHs dont get that hot to melt plastic i have them on all my pythons and they are all in plastic sterilite bins but if a space heater is better then tahts what i will use
a space heater is much better as it keep the air in the bin as well as the bin floor the same temp.
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