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Hi all, 2 brothers and sister

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I'm Honu,
I first met 3 hedgehogs 6 years ago, a friend of mine discovered them in his barn and did not know what to do with them. Their mother seems to have been Killed on the road near where he found them.
Whatever... I took them (they were 53gr ish each) I fed them every 3 hours... and they grew up fine, at 2 years old, one was very insistant to escape... I builded some small houses and put them in my garden.
There was 2 guys and a female. One year ago, the female died in front of me, she was making a lot of noise (was at 6h in the morning) I woke up, talked to her to calm her.. She shoved her head in a hole between pieces of wood, I did not want to stress her more... 2 mins after I touch her, she was dead... Do not know what happened.. Maybe she was woken up from hibernation by an animal and she had a stroke... or she had an internal failure... I dunno... She was 5 years old.
She got a nice grave on my property, near all animals that lived and died near me.
One mâle just gone to live his life, never seen him again.
And the last one with is still here, 6.5 years old now... And he is the reason I'm here today.
He is ill, is left eye is crying (sorry English is not my mother tongue)
And his left nose hole is wet and he sneeze a lot.
Problem is that where I live, vets are not very good with hedgehogs.... They remove 2 teeth cause they were badly damaged but it did not solved the problem... I'm here to find if someone already had the same symptoms and solved the problem.
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I can't help with advice, nor do i have a hedgehog but we had them visiting until late autumn, they came into the house every night. One of the three (a young hoglet) was very sociable, i gave her long belly rubs.
Here in England most vets treat wild hogs free, also there are many hedgehog rescues. Anyway, what i heard is wild European hedgehogs typically don't live longer than two years on average in the wild. They can live up to 5-6 (in rare cases 8) years in captivity, if they cannot be rewilded for whatever reason (i.e. disability etc.). 5 and 6.5 years are very good age for hogs - chances are it's just old age what ailed / ails them.
53 grams is very tiny for for hoglets, they must have been only a few days old. Handfeeding orphaned newborn hoglets is rarely successful. You did a wonderful job that all three survived; not only that, but reached a grand old age.

Hopefully someone else with more knowledge will reply.
Hello I am also raising two hedgehogs they are very healthy and hope they will grow up without any problems
Was the female breathing hard/gasping? It means natural causes since hedgies usually live 4-5 years
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