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Herb's, Plant's and Flower's

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First of all I'm not quite sure where to post this. I'm putting it here since it has a lot of health related uses.

I have a few weird questions...

Ok I like to use natural organic stuff whenever I can.
So I'm wondering if these herbs/plant/flowers (and yes some are considered weeds) are hedgie safe.

Catnip - Added to bath it is good for skin irritations. Can also repel insect's. (I use it on the dog and carpet for fleas). Taken as a tea can calm the stomach and prevent diarrhea.

Dandelion - is used for the treatment of the gall bladder, kidney and urinary disorders. Chronic skin complaints, eczema. And as a tonic Dandelion strengthens the kidneys.

Butterfly Weed - is used internally in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery. A medicinal poultice of the roots is used in the treatment of swellings, bruises, wounds, and skin ulcers.

Chamomile - used in alternative medicine as an anti-inflammatory. And an antispasmodic for intestinal cramps relieving gas pains, and a very mild but efficient laxative.

Ground Ivy - is Anti-allergenic, Antibacterial, Anti-flu, Antihistaminic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Antiviral, Cancer-Preventive, Expectorant, Immuno-stimulant. The fresh juice or a medicinal tea is used to treat digestive disorders, gastritis, acid indigestion, and diarrhea. It is also beneficial for liver and kidney function, said to relieve gravel and stones.

Jewelweed - Poultices and salves from Jewelweed are a folk remedy for bruises, burns, cuts, eczema, insect bites, sores, sprains, warts, and ringworm.

Joe Pye Weed / Gravel Root - Infuse dried root and flowers for a diuretic tea
to relieve kidney and urinary problems.

Wood Betony - Infusion used to treat urinary, bladder and kidney pain. Wash or dip in a strong decoction is used to rid animals and people of lice and scabies.(I'm wondering if this could rid a hedgie of mites)

Well that's all for the moment. If you know other Herbs, Plants, Flowers or even weed's that could be used for anything for Hedgies please post about it here.

I would like to add that if I used any of these I would not just go out and pick them from somewhere not knowing what was on them. I would only use ones that I grow myself.
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The toxicity was the main thing I was worried about.
And I wasn't sure if anyone had any experience with any of these or not.
And I also know that the answer's may be slim to none.

I will check the SPCA toxic plant list, I hadn't even thought about it!
Thanks! :)

Also if anyone else has any kind of experience with any of these or any that are not listed please let us know.
Whether it's good or bad.
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