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That's very red and swollen. He will most likely need a veterinary visit to address it, but what's the story? Cage setup. How long have you had him? How long has it been like this? Oozing? Pus? Eating/drinking/pooping ok?
How long has he been like that? How is his walking? Is he dragging his bottom? You most likely will need to take him into the veterinarian to get better medication. Until you can get him in and if he was mine, I'd start by doing the following:

I'd start by using white fleece bedding to monitor for color (blood to see if its bleeding or if he's dragging his butt around), urine spots (size, number of spots & color of urine), etc. Remove the clumping litter, I don't recommend it at all. I know of a couple a couple of decades ago now who used it until it got stuck to private areas and caused blockage (penile sheath). I'd also keep it clean, pat it dry with some gauze and using a tiny amount neosprin for now.
I honestly don't use litter anymore. I use cloth cage liners and my hedgehogs typically go to the bathroom behind or near their wheels. I use a multiple liner system. I use a smaller liner that covers the area under and around their wheel and swap that out daily when I clean their wheel.

If I was to use substrate, I'd most likely go with a carefresh type litter. Wood litters and clumping litters have been known to get stuck in sensitive areas (line the penile sheath) and I've known of at least two that that suffered an eye injury from a sliver of wood in aspen bedding. I shied away from any of those types of bedding after having friends deal with injuries. I used substrates when I first got hedgehogs, but have been using liners now since the early 2000s. It works for me :).

If Its been 7 days, have you seen improvement or is it getting worse? Definitely swap to cloth for now to prevent more irritation and to assist in monitoring. However, after 7 days and if it isn't improving, its time for a vet to determine what is causing the problem.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts