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Help. Spike attempted hibernation!!

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While I was at work my heater shut off. I got home and checked on spike and his belly was cold, he wouldn't unball and he's wabbley now. I got him to unball and I warmed him up. he's on a heating pad now. It's been about 5 minutes. What else should I do and how long do I keep him on the pad. I know he needs to be watched because he may attempt it again but what do I need to do now?
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I use a space heater with a timer and the timer got turned on somehow so when I got home it was off. I was only gone 4 hours but It's chilly in here. I have the heat back on at 80 at his cage.
He's eating great. I put food out while he was on the heating pad and he ate a bit then a little while later I put him back in the cage and he got out on his own and ate. I checked on him about an hour ago and when I started to more his blanket he started to hiccup so I think he's doing better now. I will take him out in the morning to make sure he's warm and responsive. And I will keep an eye on him.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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