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Help. Spike attempted hibernation!!

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While I was at work my heater shut off. I got home and checked on spike and his belly was cold, he wouldn't unball and he's wabbley now. I got him to unball and I warmed him up. he's on a heating pad now. It's been about 5 minutes. What else should I do and how long do I keep him on the pad. I know he needs to be watched because he may attempt it again but what do I need to do now?
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Your house heater shut off? You had a power outage?

He will attempt again during the next week, if you post what heating setup you are using, some of the people here can tell you how to prevent it in the future. Key elements will be to make sure he has his own lighting for extended hours so he doesn't think its winter, and the heat bumped up. He needs to stay consistently warm so he doesn't attempt it again.
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