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I would shut any doors that you can. Go into one room and start searching anywhere. Make sure you look under furniture, in between things, anywhere he might have squeezed into to hide. Once you're done searching one room, keep the door shut and put something on the door so you remember you've searched it. Move onto another room and so on. I would start upstairs, in the most likely rooms, then move downstairs if you don't find him up there.
If you still can't find him, try putting small bowls of food and water out, on top of paper bags or something that will crackle and make noise when he walks on it. This may not help until tonight, when he gets hungry, but if you can't find him before then, it may help you catch him.
If you have any other animals, cats or dogs, keep a close eye on them throughout the day. They may find him before you and you'll want to make sure you can get him quickly before he runs away from them or gets hurt.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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