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Per Vern Mills' guide to hedgies:

"If you start to search for her/him you are committed, it is too easy to inadvertently block her/him into a corner or crevice or between things as you move items around searching for her/him. This is absolutely crucial. If s/he cannot get out to water and food, the conclusion is self-apparent. Set her/his food dish and water out where s/he can get at it, and watch for him/her in the evenings.

There are several recommended methods of catching a wandering hedgehog: one trick is to
put his/her food and water in a brown paper bag, you will hear him/her as s/he walks on the paper; another option is to sprinkle a light dusting of flour on linoleum and hardwood floors, the telltale footprints will lead you to his/her hiding place (or at least assure you s/he is still among the living)."
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