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Help! New 2 yr Old Hedgy with BIG Attitude Problem

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Hey everyone,

I just recently aquired a 2-3 year old hedgy from a family who could no longer give her the love and attention she needs due to their daughter going off to university for the year.
They say she is a little grumpy but it wasn't that big of a deal. Upon our first meeting the hedgy bit me and my boyfriend. The family was shocked and said the hedgy had never ever bit anyone. Where they lying? I don't think so. So I take her home anyways, hoping she'll warm up to me once she gets to know my smell. I've had her 5 days and I have not been able to get her out of my cage. She tries to bit, and quils out and huffs when I stick my hand in the cage or try to pet her. I read about putting a shirt of mine in her cage with her so I did that. She immediately attacked it - biting it, and taking it into her hut with her. Why is this? Is it something about how I smell? I don't wear much perfumated body products so it wouldn't be that. I need help on how to deal with this problem. I know she needs to be let out of her cage but I just have had no luck doing it. I thought about taking her to the SPCA but I think I'm going to stick with it for a while. And well, she's just so darn gosh cute.

Hopefully some of you friendly hedgy folk can help me.
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If you want your hedgie to bond with you, then you probably should be taking her out every day. As well, I know it can be a little scary at first, but most hedgies huff and puff a little when you try to take them out. You just have to grit your teeth and do it, haha. It will get easier with time, most definitely. And once you get the hedgie into your lap, it's more than likely that they will unball.
My hedgie does huff a little and have his quills up when I try to take him out, but he's not freaking out and he's to hurt me. It's more like he's saying "awww really?" and it's a halfhearted attempt to get me to leave him alone.
Just do your best with her.
As well, like hedgielover said, you can just tuck the sides of the blanket in under your hedgehog and scoop like that.
If you want, you can also cut part of the leg off of a pair of old jeans and see what she does with that. My hedgie loves his little jean sleeve and spends a lot of time either in or under it. So maybe that could also make it easier to pick her up if the blanket is still making you nervous.

Hope this helps!!
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Is it okay to pick her up if her face is covered?
Ill cover her with a blanket but I don't want to petrify the little thing.
I'll try that anyway though

Thanks guys!
yeah it's fine to pick her up if her face is covered. chances are she'll unroll right away anyway. and you're not gonna be holding her so tight you'll suffocate her!
as well, if you pick her up in the blanket, if you just put it in your lap, and just sit there, not trying to pat her and not moving around too much, she'll eventually get curious enough to explore.
once you get her up, you can also try the treats (as other people have suggested before this)
Well I got her out!

I used the towel technique and got her out of her cage with ease. Once out of her cage I had a towel waiting on the floor for her to crawl around. She bit the towel profusely. I tried blowing air in her face like you guys said to if she tried to bite but she just seemed immune to it. Anyways, she walked around a bit sniffing everything, and ate a little bit. I managed to pat her a few times but most of the time when I touched her she just huffed and poofed her quills out. I daringly put her on my lap that I covered with a towel (I'm 100% sure she'd bite me if I didn't have it) and she basically panicked and flopped off my lap. (Bad eyesight of course) Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to get some worms and possibly take her outside weather permitting. :D
Sounds like you done really well.
Just keep it up everyday (if possible) and she will get much sweeter.
Try offering her a treat while she's in your lap or letting you pat her.

And if you take her out side be very careful since she is not use to you yet in case she tries to run.

If you can't get her out every single day all the time she will be ok, just remember to check her on those day's (make sure nothing's around her feet or anything ect..)
I normally don't take any of mine out on Saturdays.(we go out of town on Saturday's to see the boyfriend's family)
I check them before I leave and when I get home (really late) I check them and feed and water them.
threesisters said:
she basically panicked and flopped off my lap. (Bad eyesight of course)
I'm not sure if this means she fell off, but be really careful about that! Falls from even an inch can kill a hedgie, and they don't even exhibit signs that anything is wrong (internal bleeding, broken bones, etc.)

Congratulations on making progress with your hedgie
Wow! So I took her outside and it went swimmingly! She explored and barely bit the towel I laid out for her, I picked her up and held her. (With the towel). She seemed surprisingly calm outside. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a recipe for disaster. I am now so much more confident with picking her up and letting her out of her cage.

There's only one thing: Is eating grass bad for hedgies? She chewed it a bit, and got a bit of green grass stuff in her mouth but after that I didn't let her bite it anymore. I'd just pick her up and move her on the towel if she looked like she was about to chew it again.
I don't think that grass is bad unless it has been sprayed with pesticides. I've read lots of posts about hedgehogs chewing/tasting grass when they go outside for the first time. I know that Quigley did, I've never heard of a hedgehogs having a negative reaction to it though.

Great job in becoming more comfortable handling your hedgehog, you guys will be friends in no time! :)
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