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Help! New 2 yr Old Hedgy with BIG Attitude Problem

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Hey everyone,

I just recently aquired a 2-3 year old hedgy from a family who could no longer give her the love and attention she needs due to their daughter going off to university for the year.
They say she is a little grumpy but it wasn't that big of a deal. Upon our first meeting the hedgy bit me and my boyfriend. The family was shocked and said the hedgy had never ever bit anyone. Where they lying? I don't think so. So I take her home anyways, hoping she'll warm up to me once she gets to know my smell. I've had her 5 days and I have not been able to get her out of my cage. She tries to bit, and quils out and huffs when I stick my hand in the cage or try to pet her. I read about putting a shirt of mine in her cage with her so I did that. She immediately attacked it - biting it, and taking it into her hut with her. Why is this? Is it something about how I smell? I don't wear much perfumated body products so it wouldn't be that. I need help on how to deal with this problem. I know she needs to be let out of her cage but I just have had no luck doing it. I thought about taking her to the SPCA but I think I'm going to stick with it for a while. And well, she's just so darn gosh cute.

Hopefully some of you friendly hedgy folk can help me.
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Do either of you smoke? If so, the scent remains on your hands and hedgies sometimes find it totally offensive. Hedgies that bite in smokers' residences will often not bite when rehomed.

If not, what kind of soaps do you use? If it's a strong smelling soap you might get the same reaction as smoking. Try switching to unscented soap, and be sure to wash your hands before handling.

Biting the shirt is a typical reaction. It's not that she was being aggressive toward that scent, especially since she took in into the house with her. My hedgie loves to bite the armpits of my shirts, then anoints with them. Her reaction was probably just an anointing type deal with the shirt.

You need to keep handling her anyway. You can pick her up with a shirt if you need to, to get her out of the cage. Let her lie on your lap or explore or whatever she wants to do. Make sure it's a hedgie proofed area where she can't fall off anything or get under anything. And just keep interacting with her. Don't be discouraged!

Congratulations on your new little girl. :)
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