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My female Hedgehog has been having some issues recently. She originally was bleeding from the vaginal area, and had a swollen red belly area along with a swollen and red area near her back leg.

We took her to the vet for this and he recommended some pink antibiotics.

As we went through the antibiotics, the bleeding has slowed slowed down and I believe it has stopped now, with just some dry blood on the vagina area that I could not get off. The reason I could not get this off is because it us also pusing and she was not too happy when I was trying to clean it up.

Also, the redness and swelling on the leg went away. The redness on the belly also went away but it was still raised, but the skin was also really tough. I was worried that it could have been a tumor, but she is so young so I just kept giving her the antibiotics and hoped it was noting crazy.

Last night while giving her the antibiotics, i noticed that there was a gap between this tough skin on her belly and the rest of her skin. It was honestly really gross and I was worried, but there was nothing I could really do. I gave her the antibiotics and then put her back.

This morning when I wake up to giver her the antibiotics, I notice that the hard skin came off of her belly and it is really really gross. there is pus on the hole in her belly, but I did not see a sign of blood. I could not snap a picture or giver her the antibiotics this morning because when I would flip her over to take a look she would claw at the area to try to flip back over (which has always been normal for her, she never really liked being flipped on her back.)

The best way for me to describe this skin would be comparing it to a callus on a human. It was just hard, tough skin that was discolored from the rest of her skin (it looked more yellowish, like dead skin.) I really did not expect it to fall off.

The hard skin is just hardly hanging on her body with a small strand of skin.

I am just looking for any advice I can get. I called the vet already and I have to call again on Monday to get an appointment, I plan to go in on Monday though. Has anyone had a problem like this? I looked on google to see if I could find anything and I couldn't. It could be because I really don't even know how to describe the problem. Any advise at all would be helpful. Should I possibly try to us neosporin or something to keep it from getting infected? Should I try to use a bandage of some sort to put the skin back over the hole? I do not want this to get infected for obvious reasons.

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