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Hello,I really hope Honey is ok. You had mentioned that your Honey was on antibiotics and I am wondering if she was on them when the diarreah started. A lot of the time antibiotics can give hedgies diareah because it is hard on their stomaches. Maybe try giving your hedgie some yogurt in a syringe to calm her tummy down (although milk products are not good for a hedgie, yogurt can be a nice exception in times like these as it replenishes good bacteria in the stomach). I use plain yogurt but apparently word has it that pina coloda yogurt is loved by many hedgies lol. I syringe feed my hedgies when their tummy's are acting up- 3-4 CCs 3-4 times a day (although I am not so sure about how much a baby should have)- baby food works well for me and also mashed kibble with water in it. Hope Honey gets better!
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