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So I have been giving Penelope the antibiotics prescribed by the vet for several days now. Although she manages to spit out most of it, her sneezing has subsided a little bit.

But then tonight I picked her up to give her a dosage and I noticed she was pooping clear slimy mucous. I know it was coming from her butt because when I put her down in her cage she started to pee(I had just woken her up) so I know its not coming from the same place.

She is eating and drinking normally, as well as active on her wheel every night. Her poop is normal, too. Last week at the vet they even did a fecal test and everything came back fine.
The only thing that she's started doing that's a little weird is twitching when I pick her up. Not like a tremble, like a hard twitch from her hind quarters.

So I'm wondering if maybe its the medicine that's causing the mucous or if anyone has any experience with this and can help me out.
The antibiotics are called sulfatrum suspension and she gets them orally twice a day.

Also, any tips on how to get her to swallow the liquid? I administer it the way the vet showed me but she always seems to spit most of it out once I put her down anyway.

Thank you!!
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