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Chances are the mucus is being caused by the antibiotics. Her stool hasn't turned green or greenish? Often antibiotics can play havoc on our hedgehog's GI systems. Are you giving probiotics between doses? If not, pick up some acidolphilus at your local health store and mid way between doses of the antibiotic give her acidolphilus. It will help add the good bacteria back to her gut.

I'd also call and give the vet an update on how things are progressing. Depending on how long she has been on the antibiotics he may not feel that they are working fast enough and may need to change medications.

I don't know how he showed you to medicate, but here is what I do. I hold the hedgehog so their back is against my chest and steady the hedgehog with my left hand (I'm right handed). With my right hand I approach the hedgehog's mouth from the side and gently push the syringe under the lips near the back of their mouth. Typically they will open to bite the syringe, at that point I carefully squirt the medication in, taking care to not squirt it down their throat (doing so could cause the hedgehog to aspirate).

Hedgehogs have a lot of sensitive hairs on the fronts of their mouths, always attempt to go in from the back.

If that doesn't work, there is always burritoing the hedgehog with a blanket, mixing the meds in with something, injecting it in food, etc.
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