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Superworms can be dangerous to give, there are reports of them biting hedgehog's throats as they are swallowed. If you're feeding them, make sure you cut the head off before feeding. Mealworms are safer.
You should only give about 3-4 a day, if they're large. They are high in fat, which will help her gain weight, but they could be considered junk food to the cat food's normal, healthy food. So you want her to mostly be eating cat food.

If your hedgehog is refusing to eat, you need to start syringe feeding after the second day with no eating. After 48 hours of no food, Fatty Liver Syndrome can set in. Here's an article from the Wiki on syringe feeding: http://wiki.hedgehogcentral.com/tiki-in ... ge+Feeding
I would read it, stock up on the things you'll need, and if she does another long hunger strike, it's time to start syringing.

Some foods to try would be Wellness Indoor (not all hedgehogs like it, but mine does, so you could try), Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck (as far as I've heard, any hedgehog that's tried it has loved it), and maybe check out some of the other foods on Reaper's cat food list in the Nutrition forum. If she's a little underweight, you might put in just one food that has a bit of a higher fat, closer to 15% or maybe a couple over. Only one food though, because once she's gained weight, you may need to take the fatty food out, since you don't want her to become overweight.
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