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HELP! chipped tooth

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Hi. New owner here. I got a lovely female hedgehog for my birthday, and I've trying to do my best to take care of her, but a week ago, she took a pretty heavy fall. she started nose bleeding and got a contusion on her lower left leg. I was oviously worried, so I tooke hr to the vet, and she said it was fine, that she probably needed some rest. Since she was walking and eating normally, I relaxed a bit. Well, today, after a somewhat casual mouth check, I discovered poor Maiche (that's her name) has her lower front left tooth almost completely gone. I saw no blood or scars, but, you know, she has no tooth! Is there anything I can do to help her?
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Oh, she's as active as ever, eats and drinks normally (lots of both) and doesnt show signs of pain, as in, she lets me handle her just fine. Her chipped tooth can still be seen, but it is mostly gone. No bleeding or difficulty at chewing, so far.
And I think she's a bit tired of snuggles. I think I cuddle her too much. She's probably thinking "Ugh, this CREEP won't leave me alone!"
This is her: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v738/ ... A50065.jpg
Thanks for the welcoming guys. I think she trusts me enough, and seems to be acting normally around me, so I hope that, if I see any problems, I'll spot them right away
Yeah, she is quite cute indeed. She likes to bite a lot, though, and she seems to be completely inmune to the air puff thing.
Im still a bit worried about the contusion down there. It isnt weirdly colored or anything like that, but it seems bigger than her other leg area
no, she's not limping or anything, really. She can run quite fas as it is, in fact. The vet didnt give me anything for it, just recommended some resting time. I already tried icing a little the leg, without getting her too cold, but the swelling sort of just settled as a bigger area.
Yeah, I'll probably do that. Thanks for the advice.
zoologist said:
That picture is absolutely precious! I wish Cloud would sit still for one like that... haha.

I also had a problem with my hedgie's teeth. Cloud is missing one of his 'vampire fangs', but the vet said that it was perfectly fine, and that they eventually lose a few teeth with age. As long as she's eating/drinking normally i don't think you have to worry :)
Yeah, but she's only 3 months old, so i'd rule out it being due to age. Luckily, she seems to be eating and drinking just fine.
By the way, she was completely asleep when I took the picture. I offered my hand as a shelter, and she cuddled inside and slept peacefully. I got just enough time to get the picture before she awakened
Nancy said:
Does she have a water bowl or bottle? Quite often they can chip teeth on the bottle.
Yeah, I read about that here, so I got her from the beginning a watter bowl.
Zalea said:
Runefaust said:
She likes to bite a lot, though, and she seems to be completely inmune to the air puff thing.
Usually a hedgie only bites after a warning, and not immediately. It's probably that you smell good and she wants to taste to see if you taste good too. If she starts licking you, you should just move the place she's licking away from her mouth slowly. Mine has only bitten me twice, more than a little nibble. And that was only when I've smelled like chicken (which he had just eaten some of so he was like "OOOH MORE"), and when he was licking my hand trying to anoint with it.
I've found out that she does bite unanimated objects too, when trying to crawl deeper into a place. sometimes, when I have her, she actually prefers to bite my fingers instead of pushing her way out.
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