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HELP! chipped tooth

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Hi. New owner here. I got a lovely female hedgehog for my birthday, and I've trying to do my best to take care of her, but a week ago, she took a pretty heavy fall. she started nose bleeding and got a contusion on her lower left leg. I was oviously worried, so I tooke hr to the vet, and she said it was fine, that she probably needed some rest. Since she was walking and eating normally, I relaxed a bit. Well, today, after a somewhat casual mouth check, I discovered poor Maiche (that's her name) has her lower front left tooth almost completely gone. I saw no blood or scars, but, you know, she has no tooth! Is there anything I can do to help her?
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Aero chipped the tip of his tooth. He used to get scared very easily and quickly put his visor down.. Well if he was on a hard surface (floor, vets table etc) he would hit his teeth. He does it on his bowl too. Well one day I noticed that the pointy tip was gone. There is however a significant amount of tooth and I dont think it chipped far down enough to get the nerve. And he doesnt show pain with it.

Does Maiche show signs of pain? Is she eating and drinking alright? If she is showing signs of pain I would suggest taking her back to the vet and possibly have it removed (or fixed if they can do that for animals). If you notice a problem, you can soften her food up with some warm low sodium chicken broth.

Also when the vet did the full check over after her fall why didnt he notice the tooth?

Give her extra snuggles for me and keep us updated..
Zalea said:
Usually a hedgie only bites after a warning, and not immediately. It's probably that you smell good and she wants to taste to see if you taste good too. If she starts licking you, you should just move the place she's licking away from her mouth slowly. Mine has only bitten me twice, more than a little nibble. And that was only when I've smelled like chicken (which he had just eaten some of so he was like "OOOH MORE"), and when he was licking my hand trying to anoint with it.
I wanted to bold Usually Aero doesnt give warning.. So you cant always go by this. The vet tech tried to argue with me before his surgery after I told her "watch out he is in pain and he is bity today" She was like "no its ok hedgies give warning bites" I was like "Not this one" "She was like they all do" I was like "OK watch" Literally when I said that he clamped dont on her finger and made her bleed. My eye brows when STRAIGHT UP saying "I told you so!" And had a smug smile.. But also sad for him that he bit her out of pain.. but that is a different story..
I saw you put Usually.. No worries!

Oh and I guess thats why the girl is just a tech and not a Vet because she hasnt learned quite yet. LOL :lol:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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