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Hello - query about pygmy hedgehogs

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Due to allergies in our household, we're limited as to what pets we can have. Hamsters are ok - but most furry pets aren't possible. Reptiles aren't something any of us are particularly interested in. But I did wonder about hedgehogs!

I have seen various things about pygmy hedgehogs - that they can make lovely pets but also that there are some welfare considerations. Would be grateful for any advice. Thank you.
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It was environment I had read could be tricky for pygmy hedgehogs - re humidity maybe? I do have a good exotic vet locally. So presumably a large tank is best?

I just wasn't sure of the forum's views on pygmy hedgehogs versus hedgehogs generally.
Thanks! Good to know the forum is geared towards the pygmy hedgehogs as that's what we were looking at :) Good idea to see one first though.
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