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Hello - query about pygmy hedgehogs

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Due to allergies in our household, we're limited as to what pets we can have. Hamsters are ok - but most furry pets aren't possible. Reptiles aren't something any of us are particularly interested in. But I did wonder about hedgehogs!

I have seen various things about pygmy hedgehogs - that they can make lovely pets but also that there are some welfare considerations. Would be grateful for any advice. Thank you.
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Some people, like any animal, are allergic to hedgehogs. I’m sure you’re already aware that you should of course interact with a hedgehog before bringing one home, just to be on the safe side.

in terms of hedgehogs making lovely pets, this depends on the person haha. If you consider an antisocial, spikey, huffy, and messy animal lovely then sure ;)

for welfare considerations, can you elaborate a little more? They need a lot of space, much more than what most people say is the minimum IMO, but that’s all I can really think of. They are prone to cancer and other disease, but that’s just something you will have to be prepared for financially and of course have access to a vet who can treat them and who is comfortable with treating them
Humidity can be a struggle, but is easily managed - they’re very prone to dry skin. If it can’t be managed diet-wise then investing in a room humidifier is the way to go.
with regards to tanks; you’d need a very very large vivarium. In my opinion, the absolute bare minimum I would personally consider housing a hedgehog in is 12 square feet. They are VERY active.

this forum is tailored towards the African Pygmy hedgehog, so would be most knowledgeable on them as opposed to any other domestic species (or species in general).
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