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Hi there! We will be picking up my 14 y.o. son's hedgie on the 21st and I was looking at buying a ceramic heater from Target that has a built in thermostat for his room (which, unfortunately, is the coldest room in the house). Would that be ok to warm up the entire room?

Also, I was wondering if anyone had patterns for hedgie hats or snuggle sacks or cage liners that I could start sewing for him. I know that there are people who sell them but I'd rather make them.

We are so excited. My son has wanted a hedgie for quite a few years but we wanted to wait until he was more than ready to take on the responsibility. Of course, dad and I will be keeping an eye on him, but he will be the responsibility of my son. He's very good with our cats and dog and was also very good with our ball python. He's gonna be a great hedgie dad.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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