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Hello Group I am a Soon to be Mom

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:D Hello Group My name is Marilyn and I joined this group awhile back so I could get educated on these wonderful animals, I have been reading and reading my next step was to locate a good Breeder in Oregon I found an Awsome Breeder Deneen at HedgiePets . I now have a baby that will be weaned some time near Mothers day thats kinda neat me a new mom at 51 years of age, I can Hardly wait to see a picture she is an Albino and was born March 22 2010 her proud parents are Lavender and Brownie of HedgiePets. My next project is to figure out a beautiful name for my baby girl,I am sooooooooooo excited as soon as she moves home Ill be posting pictures for sure. My baby girl gets her own 800 Square foot room with all the goodies and later on I Plan on getting a little male and he will get his own 400 Square foot. I have fallen in love with the Black and Dark grey Algerians and the Pinto's in that color. After doing alot of Food research I have decieded to feed Blue Buffalo Spa select as my staple food and of course all the other stuff they need to. I am counting down the days for my Drive to Eugene :D
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Yay! That's great! :mrgreen:
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