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Hello from the UK

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I have stumbled onto here in my online ramblings and was amazed by all the info. I have a large Long Eared Hedgehog called Hercules and he has quite a personality. He can't stand men and hisses, huffs, puffs and general dislikes me. My wife on the other hand is a favoured friend and he will take food from her quite happily and he sits for hours while my two year old chats, sings and harassess him.

I brought him from a petshop which gets all kinds of strange critters in, where he had been sat for a year and a half apparently, they said if he had stayed there much longer he'd have been made a store pet. I thought his cage was empty and I was looking at the Jerboas next to it when I spotted his little face poking out of his house and grabbed a staff member. I put the deposit down and checked out what hedgies needed. They gave me a sheet of "instructions" but a quick google and asking some questions with the right people got me thinking most of them were pretty off. They were feeding him vast numbers of mealworms and those dead pink mice you give snakes, he is much happier on hog food.

I know alot of people on here have the small hedgies but I wondered if anyone else has one of the Long Eared ones?

Edit: Some Pictures :D

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I ... need... to see this one on LIVE VIDEO! hehe

Thanks for all of the great pictures.. I am **almost** satisfied. :lol:
AAAAWWWW he is too cute!!!! His ears are adorabley floppy! :lol:
Hello :D

Im from the UK. I cant believe you found the little guy in a pet shop. Where abouts in the UK do you live?

He is absolutely adorable!
Shetland you might have to move to the UK with all the hedgie napping you're planning on doing over here :lol: mind you then you could have your own little one :)
I got him from Porton Pets and Aquatics in Wiltshire near Salisbury back in 2006. He was inbetween a cage of Jerboas and a cage of Giant Jerboas and I wish I could have got them too because they were so ugly they were adorable.

It's quite a good petshop but the staff are a bit muppety. They usually have a wide range of exotics in but the prices are high, they have a tenrec (labled as Tenricks Hedgehog) but they want £300 for him. I paid that for Herc and got his big glass tank and all his toys included (the tank was selling on its own for £350, they wanted him gone). I just couldn't believe no one had brought him, he is such little hassle.
The closest I have been is Ireland. But I could move in next to you and hedgienap little Turbo Buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, what is a "little hassle?"
"Little Hassle" means he is not a difficult pet to look after. If somethings continuously difficult and tricky or annoying then its a hassle, rather like keeping fish and having to worry about the water temperature and stuff all the time.

He has never been ill (although I have heard him sneeze a couple of times which is super cute), he doesn't cost alot to keep, he is constantly cute and doing fun stuff at all times of day, he isn't a problem to clean, he doesn't make a break for the hills as soon as you open the cage, he doesn't bite, he is no problem really. The only other pet I have ever encountered like this is a Guinea Pig. :)
hello! yep i'm in liverpool and have a long eared called pharoah. i was told when i got him he was egyptian but now believe he is 1/2 egyptian and 1/2 indian. he is too dark for egypt and too light for indian. he is ruthless! if you put your fingers near him you are likely to be charged at like a rhino or bitten! he does have a cute side tho (only if you happen to have a tasty treat)
here is a pic

like yours he had been in the pet shop for 18 months its such a shame as he really is a character
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They are lovely Big Rob and pammie
You are not alone Big Rob in finding your other half handles pets better than you
I find that my hedgehogs are more relaxed with my OH
He manages to lean back and watch tv with hands behind his head and the hedgehogs just relax with him
I think I worry more
Gorgeous Pammie, He looks like a darker version of mine, does he have the white belly fluff?

You have the same wheel as I do too, does yours break them regularly by running too much?
Such a cute! I love those long ears. More pics!
no even his belly is dark i'll see if i can root out a pic. yeah he does break em but not as often as yours does! they seem to last about a year or so. we got a different one once and he hated it! he only likes that kind ifs funny.
my laptop has been sent away to be fixed so the only pics i have were from photobucket that i had saved you can see his fur a bit but to be honest he is such a grump it is almost impossible to get a decent pic of him!

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Aww he is cute, do you know how old he is?

We can only kind of guess with Herc because the pet shop were not sure. We think he is at least 5 and he has started going grey round his nose and mouth. He breaks them by running too much. I tape the wheel down because otherwise it ends up bouncing round the cage and making a terrible noise. Once he managed to bounce it right round against the side of the cage and he ended up trapped inside it, not amused in the morning.

Herc is very much a "look at" pet, he is not amused by the idea of handling. He does have a cute habit of curling up one side and bristling up while the other side away from me stays uncurled so he can see and hear.
Pammie you don't live far from me :D
I cant believe you found these gorgeous little things in pet shops over here. How cute is Pharoah, so dark and cute. He does look like a right little grump tho bless him. :lol:
So, question on these Euro hedgies... do they need the same warmth that our African hogs do? I know nothing about these long-eared breeds, so forgive me for my ignorance. :lol:
Yes since they live in the Middle East usually. I keep Herc in his glass viv thing at room temperature and he has a heat pad under his house where he sleeps and one that runs the whole back of the cage. The shop tried to flog me a big old heat lamp but I wasn't sure if it would bug him, my wifes geckos hated thier heat lamp and it dried their skin out.

He seems happy enough, the mats warm the glass and he likes to flop out on his house one, I did try giving him some nice bedding and some hay to sleep in but he took it all out and dumped it in the litter corner, he prefers to flop straight on the glass. I have checked it, its nice and warm, not too hot :)

He will alternate during the day between his house and sleeping up against the back wall behind his wheel or if its a really hot day, on his concrete slab that I put in to help stop him filling his water bowl with woodchips and poop. The cage traps heat nicely (although it is well vented with a mesh roof and side panel) although its really cute to put a hotwater bottle against it sometimes because its warmer than the pad so he will come out and snooze next to it until it gets cooler, then he will look grumpy and go back in.
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Doh! Idiot point for me! :lol: I completely forgot that these were the long-eared hogs, not the European ones.. Pffft..

So I guess my question is still open. :p

I want more pics of this long-eared one! :D
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