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Hi all,
I'm ellen, and I have a female hedgehog named Anyong - some of you might recognize us from chins-n-quills/chins-n-hedgies. Anyong is a 2 year old Algerian chocolate, we got her from Kelly over in Hamor Hollow.

She's a bit of a special needs hog, she's got hydronephrosis which is just fancy talk for a bum kidney, but she's on medication to alleviate some of the symptoms and she's doing well. When she was first diagnosed with hydronephrosis she had lost a lot of weight and had stopped eating and playing. Afterwards, I got a little carried away with nursing her back to health and she got a little bit chunkier than she should have been. So since September, Anyong has lost ~90 grams worth of weight through a change in diet and massive amounts of exercise.

Anyway, we joined here a little while ago but this is our first post and we just wanted to say hi. Anyong wanted me to clarify that her real name is actually Iron Quill and that anyong is just a slave name.

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