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Hey all! I didn't notice this before so here goes! My name is Kaylee and I have a beautiful baby girl, Harper! Harper is 9 weeks old and I've had her for a month now. She loves to snuggle and hang out with me while I'm doing homework. She loves to run on her wheel and she likes tunnels as well, so I'm looking to expand what I have for her in that regard.

Harper is 265g and growing still! She doesn't seem to really enjoy any "people" food so far. Still trying new things though! I've made her a liner, blanket, and sleeping bag myself. All of her things are princess and girly! My partner Brad and I are both absolutely smitten with her and she is definitely a spoiled little girl. Not sure what her colouring is, but I'll ask on that board. Here are some pictures of my baby girl!

Hanging out:

Hanging out with mom:

She likes to play with my hoodie strings:

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