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Hedgies in Pennsylvania?

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I heard that hedgehogs were illegal in Pennsylvania and just wanted to see if anyone could verify that it's true, or if it's changed or anything. My family has friends that live in Pennsylvania that we go visit sometimes (or they come up here), and I wanted to check on this beforehand in case we want to go visit them this summer. If they are indeed illegal there, would I still get in trouble if I had a hedgehog in the state just for a few days to a week, since it wouldn't be there permanently? It doesn't seem likely that you'd get caught with a hedgehog anyway, unless animal control stopped by the house for some other reason and saw the cage...
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Yes, whatever you do, NEVER take a hedgie into Penn. I can't even do justice trying to explain how awful the PGC officials are. Just driving through with a hedgie is a really bad idea.
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