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Take him out. Does he feel cold at all? Or does he feel a little cool & damp? Or nice and warm? Does he seem lethargic at all, or wobbly?

I have two guesses, both similar. The first is estivation, which is the too-hot equivalent of hibernation. It has similar symptoms to hibernation, except your hedgie doesn't get as cold, and may feel clammy or damp as well, from sweat. The other guess is hibernation, caused by the temperature dropping so much and so quickly. If your hedgie had been used to the 85* temperature, dropping suddenly to 75* could have triggered a hibernation attempt.

For estivation, hopefully that'll be solved by his cage temp being cooler. Make sure he gets plenty of water and encourage him to eat. I'm honestly not sure what else you could do if it's that. Supportive care would probably be a start, at least. You may need to syringe-feed him if he won't eat enough on his own.

For a hibernation attempt, you'll want to warm him up slowly, either on a heating pad on low, or against you. Once he's warm, bump his cage temperature back up to 78-80* and see how he does. If he's used to the warmer temps now, he may need his cage to stay around those temperatures to stay comfortable and avoid hibernation.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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