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My soon-to-be 3 year old hedgehog Bill has begun losing multiple quills per day. Initially, I thought it was because I put a small fleece blanket in her cage for warmth (the room was warm, but sometimes drafty) and the quills were getting stuck in it.

We just moved, and I took out the blanket as her new room is much warmer (75-80F) but she is still losing quills (at least a few a day!). Perhaps it is due to stress of the move?

I checked the flexibility of the quills and they seem pretty brittle...my hedgies get a mix of Wellness Indoor Formula and Nutrisource Pure Vita Grain-free Chicken with the occasional mealworm or some scrambled egg.

I'm very concerned about her, as had to undergo surgery fairly recently in October (benign tumors in her uterus), and am worried about a hormone imbalance or something to that effect.

Has anyone had an adult hedgie losing quills daily? Does this sound like stress or diet or hormones? Please help!!
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