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hedgie houdini!

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so Arlo has become an escape artist at night and i have no idea how he’s doing it but i know i need a new cage! anybody have any suggestions?
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If you're looking for a cheaper option, I use two plastic tubs connected by a PVC pipe. She's never escaped once!
could you elaborate a little more? also, remi is adorable and so is her name!
Sure and thanks! I took two large plastic bins and cut out the middle of the lids to replace with chicken wire, although I don't use the lids a lot. The sides of each bin have a large hole cut out of it that I used, not sure what it's called and hard to explain, like a plastic thing with holes for ventilation. A hole in each bin for the 5-inch pipe. In the winter I put blankets between the cage and the wall and the floor to keep it warm, especially because her cage is by a window. Along with two heat lamps over each one. I can supply some pictures too a bit later. This cage has worked for me for months, with no issues other than a hibernation attempt with prompted me to get a second heat lamp. Although I do want to build my own cage in the near future, I highly recommend bins as a cheap alternative to other cages. Another thing that I've seen people mention is Christmas tree storage boxes if you have the space.
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