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Hedgie had suprise litter and is now dead

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We adopted a hedgie about a month ago and within a week she gave birth. We had no idea she was pregnant. Thankfully she was a great mother and took care of all the babies. She was eating and drinking fine but when I went in to check on them today I found her dead. So now I have five 3 week old babies. Their eyes are open and they are all very active. I just fed them for the first time (I followed the directions on this site).
Since they are three weeks old is their chance of survival any better?
I hand fed them with a syringe but should I try feeding them out of a small dish?

I am so devastated that my hedgie passed away and now so worried about the babies!
Any advice or anything I should know?

I have 2 albinos with ruby colored eyes and one of them seems to have wobbly hedgehog syndrome. Is it possible to tell at this age? He shakes and wobbles when he tries to stand
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I'm very sorry your hedgie died! :(

Yes, the babies have a great chance at that age. They will just need hand fed for a few more weeks, but I highly doubt there would be any fatalities if they all switch over to the new milk well. (Are you using KMR, goat's milk...?)

Deneen (hedgiepets) has great experience hand feeding and can help you with that. I'm sure she'll be along shortly to help you.

For the baby, no, you would not be seeing WHS at that age. WHS is a hereditary disease that usually starts showing around 2 years, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It is a gradual process. It is possible the one baby is weaker, or that it is too cold. Make sure you keep the babies at least 76* F. They need kept very warm.

Good luck and sorry again about momma hedgie.
D, how is the baby doing?
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