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Hedgie collection + cute pics of Rocko!

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I present to you, our new hedgehog collection! I'm hoping to find some more cute things to add to it.

Can you spot the real hedgie in there? He wasn't too happy about all those other hedgehogs. :lol:
From left to right, there's two pinecone hedgehog Christmas ornaments my mom found at Target, a Boyd's hedgehog my friend got me at the flea market, Rocko himself, and a hedgie dog toy that was too cute to leave in PetSmart.

Aaaand some new pictures of Rocko, too!

"I feel so much better now that the mites are gone!"

"But I still kinda wish my mommy would leave me alone."

Vampire teeth! Watch out!

Cute little hedgie nose.
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Adorable! :D Rocko is such a handsome boy.
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