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Hedgie climbing cage bars!

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I just saw my hedgie Fabio climbing the cage bars! Can he hurt himself doing that? Im really worried about him i dont want him to brake his leg or something. Have any of your hedgies done this?
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bah my hedgie is doing this now and im freaking out because I can hear her doing it atm and im broke until Friday and im working tomorrow and its keeping me up because im worried.. >.< do u place the mats on the inside or outside of the cage? how exactly do u do it? ive never had a xcage animal before.
i tried it says the photos not there or something silly :/ im buying her a bigger cage tomorrow . I am hoping this will prevent climbing because right now i cant fit her wheel in with her litertray, food , water and hut even though the cage met the required measurements..... Oh well Im just hoping it will help maybe shes climbing cause shes bored. im more freaked out about when im at work for 8 hours and all last night i was worried when i heard her playing that id hear her fall or see her climb. i probably sound crazy :( im just new
Okay that's what I thought.... Ill do that tonight its 18 inches height 17 inches l and 15.5 deep idk it met the requirements and it even had a hedgie picture on it but theres a cage at petsmart I think for rabbits and it has a solid bottom not wire or mesh and its way longer so I think if I get her that one it will work better and fit all her stuff :D. I don't want a two story one in case of injury but they seem to be the most popular
Yeah I read a book that gave me the measure ments I have a new cage for her it's the biggest one they had at the pet store that wasn't two levels. It's for a rabbit normally so I think this one will be big enought. I hope so I just want the best for her
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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