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Hedgie climbing cage bars!

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I just saw my hedgie Fabio climbing the cage bars! Can he hurt himself doing that? Im really worried about him i dont want him to brake his leg or something. Have any of your hedgies done this?
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New Hedgehog Mom in Need of Help

Hello everyone. I'm a new Heggie owner, her name is Cactus, and she has become a climber suddenly, usually in the middle of the night. I got her back in February and she's currently four months old. She's been quilling a little bit lately, so the only change I noticed at first (since bringing her home) was how much she was scratching. But the cage climbing just began a few nights ago and it's only getting worse. Her cage is not very tall, so most of her falls haven't been too scary, but as a new mom, I worry about every last thing that doesn't seem normal. And although the falls aren't from very high, the sound of her falling, again and again, is causing me to lose sleep. I've tried to put toys in her cage to occupy her and even play with her a bunch before bedtime, but she still eventually wakes up and begins climbing. I'm just very worried of her hurting herself before she gets the hint that climbing gets her nowhere. I'm also in the process of getting her a wheel to see if that will help. Any other tips would be fantastic though (maybe how to not worry so much about slight differences in her behavior...!

Thanks in advance. :)
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