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Hedgie climbing cage bars!

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I just saw my hedgie Fabio climbing the cage bars! Can he hurt himself doing that? Im really worried about him i dont want him to brake his leg or something. Have any of your hedgies done this?
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LizardGirl said:
Kean, I had a very similar experience with my first dwarf hamster. She landed odd after a fall, broke her back, and died in my hands.
How terrible! :( :(

Annabelle likes to climb hers, and I let her fall once. Hoping that it would teach her not to do it again...this seemed to work. However i will never ever let her do it again after that tragic ending!
I have an explorer hog...she gets into everything. Not even a fall off the bed slows her down.
The first and only time Annabelle crawled up her bars like that, was right after we put her back for bedtime. Your guess was right inline with mine, they clearly wanted back out.

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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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