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Hedgie climbing cage bars!

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I just saw my hedgie Fabio climbing the cage bars! Can he hurt himself doing that? Im really worried about him i dont want him to brake his leg or something. Have any of your hedgies done this?
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Nancy said:
Usually they climb the cage when they are bored. Does he have a wheel?

You can stop cage climbing by weaving stiff plastic in and out of the bars to a level of about 10" from floor. Plastic report covers or the dollar store stiff plastic place mats work great.
Hey Nancy

I just need a quick clarification if you don't mind. Do you have to cut the place mats to size in order to make them fit to weave them? If you do, do the edges get sharp? how do you stop the edges from cutting an ambitious climbing hog?

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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