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Hedgie climbing cage bars!

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I just saw my hedgie Fabio climbing the cage bars! Can he hurt himself doing that? Im really worried about him i dont want him to brake his leg or something. Have any of your hedgies done this?
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What size is your cage? You have to be able to keep the wheel in otherwise she's going to keep climbing for excerise. If you cant fit the wheel and hut both in I'd take out the hut and leave the wheel in and give her a blanket to sleep under.
If the bottom of your cage is 15 X 17 inches that's only 1.8 square feet. The cage should have at least 2 square feet of open space AFTER everything is put in it. The cage you have is to small even if you didn't put anything in it. The cage should be at least twice that size.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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