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I've seen Spirit react with alarm to the sound of a barking dog on TV. As far as I know, she's never actually met a dog, but apparently something in her little hedgehog brain told her: "Yikes, predator animal!" Other random loud movie noises have startled her, but that reaction may not last. She's only just getting acclimated to my home, and lots of things make her jump.

Indiana wouldn't stay still long enough to watch TV, but he did have favorite songs. Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" used to make him relax and get all sleepy. This is with me holding him, of course, so he might have been picking up some kind of cue from me. Still, that song and a couple of others did seem to get his attention when they played on my computer speakers. He was a guy who would rather have been on the floor, finding things to crawl over, under, through, etc., so getting him to chill out and go to sleep while out of his cage was a fairly impressive achievement, however it happened.
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