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My hedgehog girl Yoyo has been diagnosed with ascites 2 weeks ago. The vet told me she could have hepatic or cardiac problems, but I live in Romania and the vets here don’t have experience with hedgehogs so I can’t give her more tests. She gained aprox. 80 ml of liquid in her belly (before she weighed 370-380 grams and now she weighed 460 grams). After two weeks of injections with furosemide, she lost about 70 ml of liquid (she still has some liquid left in her belly).
I can’t give her more shots so I’m gonna try to put her furosemide (liquid) in her food.
Anyone had a hedgegog with ascites? What was your experience with ascites? How long did he/she lived after being diagnosed? What treatment should I give to my girl she could live longer?
Thank you very much!
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