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Would you be interested in a Hedgehog Central/Wiki Calander for 2010?

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A big hello from Hedgehog Wiki!

Today I want to give you an update on the state of Hedgehog Wiki, as well as our future plans for the development of the wiki, and what is in the works.

As you know Hedgehog Central does monthly themed photo contests, and we at Hedgehog Wiki are teaming up to keep an archive of all contest participants and winners. All winners of a Hedgehog Central photo contest will be displayed on the Homepage of Hedgehog Wiki for the time period following the winning of the contest until the next winner is selected.
Check out Ziggy this month with photograph compliments of drpepperheather.

Contest winners will now also receive a printable certificate by e-mail with both their hedgehog's and their own name on it, as well as the month, year and theme of the contest. The winners will be kept in the Hedgehog Wiki database for everyone to see.

One of the least noticed features of Hedgehog Wiki is the spotlight page.
The spotlights choose one hedgehog, one breeder, and one retailer every month and displays some information about them, what they do, how they operate and other fun facts about them. To enter the spotlight please see http://wiki.hedgehogcentral.com/tiki-in ... =spotlight

Spotlights will also receive a certificate that is catered to each specific spotlight.
You may submit breeders and retailers who are not part of Hedgehog Wiki, but you must have their permission, and include a way for me to contact them. The only condition for retailers are that they are not a huge chain, and are a hedgehog enthusiast making products to benefit hedgehogs (Much like Reaper and Nancy).

Wiki Pages
Wiki pages are constantly getting face lifts and updates as information is changed and faults are found with some of the information on the page. If you find any errors with wiki pages and the information they present please write an e-mail to [email protected] and let me know. I will update the information as soon as i can, or you can even update the information yourself.

If you have any information you would like to add to wiki pages or if you would like to edit how things are worded and are tech savvy enough, go ahead and click that edit button on the top left corner of the page. All edits will be checked by myself regularly, so no false information should get through by malicious people.

Currently everyone on the wiki can edit the wiki pages, but if you are suspected of being malicious with information on the wiki, your privileges will be revoked.

Breeder/Retailer/Hedgehog/Owner Pages
It is nice to see people making use of the pages that we provide them as well as including their personal pages to the list of owners/breeders/retailers.

If you would like to add your personal web page to the lists or if you would like a page that you can edit please e-mail me at [email protected]

If you have any questions you can also just shoot me a quick e-mail or PM and i will try to answer your question as soon as possible. Hopefully in the future there will be a forum in which i can assist you, but we will see what comes with time.

This is still in the planning stages, but i am wondering how interested the community would be in having a Hedgehog Central/Wiki Calendar.

Each calendar will feature the contest winner for that month from the previous year, as well as the hedgehog/breeder/retailer spotlight for each month. The layout of the calendar is still being worked on, and once i have it completed (i am not art savvy, so my buddy is doing it) i will post the layout. The calendar will be for the 2010 year, from January to December. If everything goes according to plan, and we can get enough spotlights and contest winners i am hoping to have it ready in December.

If you would be interested in a Hedgehog Central/Wiki calendar please sent me a PM with how many you would be interested in and if you have any suggestions.

Breeder Guide
As many of you have witnessed there has been an increase in accidental births or even troubles with planned births. As such Hedgehog Wiki is beginning to create a Breeder guide with commentary from some well respected breeders and tips/tricks that you may not think to ask. This guide will help people through unplanned pregnancies or even through the basics of breeding hedgehogs. This specific guide will cater to the unplanned pregnancies and attempt to deter people from breeding for money or color. It will include information on proper breeding standards, ethics and how to breed properly, and what to expect from a pregnancy. The guide will also include horror stories, because every breeder has them. Breeding is not something to be taken lightly, and we hope to help those who either did not find enough information before hand, or have stumbled into a accidental birthing.

If you would like to contribute to the guide please e-mail me at [email protected] and i will provide you with more information.

Editor Guide
A new guide will be written for those wishing to edit wiki pages. I understand that the new language may appear weird and hard to follow, and that the included TikiWiki manual does a poor job, so i will personally be writing a Guide to editing the wiki so that it is easier for everyone to contribute to the wiki, even those who are not great with computers.

If you would like to submit any articles to the wiki, you can do so here: http://wiki.hedgehogcentral.com/tiki-list_articles.php

Just click "edit new article" and fill out all of the required information. After you submit the article i will read and review it and if it is well written and contains good information it will be added to the Wiki.

Pet Store Care Sheet
Over the past little while a lot of controversy has risen surrounding pet shops. Personally i went around to all my local pet shops and dropped of an information package about hedgehogs, and if they had any questions they could contact me or go to the Wiki site itself. I will post this information package shortly for you to download and print if you would like to take the time to distribute it to you local pet shops. When dropping it off make sure you ask to speak to a manager or the owners, as the employees may not make sure it gets to them.

Vet Information Sheet
If you have a vet who is interested in learning more about hedgehogs, and does not currently have very much experience with them, i will also be posting a care guide you can print out and give to them so that they can learn more about our quilly little friends.

Starting in May Hedgehog Wiki will be producing a monthly Newsletter to it's members. If you wish to receive this newsletter you will be able to find out more information about it on the Wiki. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter with your Wiki account.

If you have read all of this, or even just skimmed over it, thank you for taking the time to do so. It is because of all of you that HHW will become a success and we need your help to maintain the highest quality of information.

Thank you very much,
-Hedgehog Wiki

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Calendar Update
I have gone through a few quotes. The cheapest i have found are as follows:

Wholesale - How much it costs me per unit not including tax
Tax-included - How much it would cost me per unit with tax
Resale - How much i would likely resell them for

Profits: All profit will be going towards the Wiki and future Hedgehog Wiki promotions including prizes for those who have already won past contests and future contests. Depending on the amount raised as profit prizes can vary from pet food gift certificates, to even new cages. Also some of the profits will go in the form of donations to a hedgehog support group of the communities choice.

NOTE: This is all not written in stone, and is purely speculative.

25 Calendars
= $17.64 CAN Wholesale
= $20.29 CAN Tax-included
= $23.00 - 25.00 CAN Resale
==Total Cost Wholesale: $441 CAN
==Total Cost w/ Tax: $507.25 CAN
===# To sell at Resell to break even: 23-21
===Possible Profit: $46 - 100 CAN

50 Calendars
= $12.45 CAN Wholesale
= $14.32 CAN Tax-included
= $17.00 - 20.00 CAN Resale
==Total Cost Wholesale: $622.5 CAN
==Total Cost w/ Tax: $716 CAN
===# To sell at Resell to break even: 43-36
===Possible Profit: $119 - 280 CAN

100 Calendars
= $9.94 CAN Wholesale
= $11.43 CAN Tax-included
= $14.00 - 16.00 CAN Resale
==Total Cost Wholesale: $994 CAN
==Total Cost w/ Tax: $1143 CAN
===# To sell at Resell to break even: 82-72
===Possible Profit: $252 - 448 CAN

250 Calendars
= $8.40 CAN Wholesale
= $9.96 CAN Tax-included
= $12.00 - 14.00 CAN Resale
==Total Cost Wholesale: $2100 CAN
==Total Cost w/ Tax: $2415 CAN
===# To sell at Resell to break even: 202-173
===Possible Profit: $576 - 1078 CAN

500 Calendars
= $7.25 CAN Wholesale
= $8.34 CAN Tax-Included
= $10.00 - 12.00 CAN Resale
==Total Cost Wholesale: $3625.00 CAN
==Total Cost w/ Tax: $4168.75 CAN
===# To sell at Resell to break even: 417-348
===Possible Profit: $830 - 1824 CAN


In total we have 887 members. Probably 5% of those are active on a regular basis. That gives us 44.35 Active members. If each of those members wants 1 calendar it would be most cost effective to buy 50 calendars and have 6 left over calendars to sell. The cost of each calendar would be $17.00 - 20.00 CAN with shipping (i would more likely sell them for the lower end, it all depends on savings.)

If Hedgehog Wiki made $2-3 CAN off of every calendar, we would have $100-150 for prizes and the such, so maybe a gift certificate small bag of wellness for each winner of a or something to that effect.

In order for us to move up to the next ranking of calendars (100) we would need at least 82 people interested in paying $14.00 CAN a piece as opposed to 43 people paying $17.00 CAN. In that case we would also have roughly $200-300 for prizes.


Also if you have any suggestions, or how many calendars you would buy for certain prices, or what price you think you would pay for a calendar please let me know.

Remember, this is just planning, and i need help from the community to see if this is a viable option.

(I am a university student so i can't just drop 4 grand on 500 calendars that aren't going to sell. I am trying to raise money for Hedgehog Wiki and to provide a calendar full of hedgehog central hogs. If you have won a contest, your hog will be a star =D)
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